Azenhas do mar

azenhas do mar

Located in the district of Lisbon, very close to Sintra, This stunning beach should be a must for everyone that is planning to spend a vacation in Lisbon

How to reach it

Located around 30 Kilometers away from Lisbon and being a touristic beach it may be seen as very easy to reach but, in fact, it is not at all easy to reach

Two way from Lisbon:

  • By car
  • By train and bus
  • By train and tram

The easiest way is by car the distance is around 35 km and it is about 40 minutes. There are not parking spaces there, so the only way to park next to the beach is to find a space along the route. Alternatively you can park in the nearby beach Praia das Macas that is onother one of the best beaches in Portugal and walk for about 30 minutes where you can have a beautiful view of the ocean and the coastline

Instead if you prefer to reach the beach by public transport the best way is to take a train from Lisbon to Portela the Sintra and after take the bus number 441 to Fontanelas. Since the bus is not so often and you can find different schedule based on the period of the year I suggest you to check the official website to have more informations

The last but not least and maybe the more suggestive way is by train from Lisbon to Sintra and after that take the tram to Praia das Macas and walk for 30 minutus to the beach. The tram is a very historical means of transport inaugurated in 1904 it takes about 40 minutes for 13 km at the cost of 3 euros per way. Since is very turistic and it takes up to 45 passenger, with only a few runs per day I will to suggest you to check the following web site to learn more about this means of transport

Azenhas do Mar

The landscape seen from the other side is something that leaves you breathless, the white houses above the cliffs and below the natural pool surrounded by the sea are something unique in the world. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Portugal. Not all people go down to the beach, many stop just to see the magnificent view and photograph this natural beauty. Those who do go down will certainly not regret it, they will find a restaurant with a bar and then a magnificent swimming pool. I recommend, especially if you want to relax on the beach, to go in the morning, especially in the summer, towards the afternoon the tide may rise and cause the beach to decrease until it almost disappears.
The Pool is a natural pool with sea water inside, a temperature very similar to the ocean, although slightly warmer. It is especially recommended for those who do not like waves, which, especially in this area, are quite big and challenging. The view from the pool is stunning.
For those who want to spend the day in this earthly paradise and do not want to spend a lot of money, I recommend taking something packed to eat, because there are not many restaurants. For those who instead want to enjoy the full experience, they can eat in the restaurant by the sea and enjoy the view. Alternatively, the restaurant also offers a bar area where you can have a quick meal and a few drinks. Here is the restaurant’s website

If you are tired during the afternoon and would like to visit somewhere new, I recommend the walk to Praia das Macas, a much more desirable explanation with much more facilities than Azemhas do Mar.


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