Praia Grande

Praia Grande is probably one of the Biggest Beach in the Sintra district exactly in the middle of the Natural Park, Sintra-Cascais, this is one of the most famous for tourists, surfers, bodyboarders

How to reach it?

Despite, being a very knowns beach, this is even very close to Azenhas do Mar this means that even this beach is not among the easiest to reach. Basically you can reach this beach in 2 different ways:


Train and Bus

By car is the easiest way, especially because there is some parking area next to the beach.
From Lisbon to Praia Grande the distance is around 40 km, more or less 50 minutes by car

The connection between Lisbon and Praia Grande is not one of the smoothest, you have to get to Portela de Sintra by train and then take bus 441 to the beach.
To reach Portela the Sintra you can get the train in Lisboa-Rossio or Roma-Arriero if your accommodation is in the center, the Lisboa-Rossio option is certainly more convenient.
Once you reach Portela de Sintra, you must take the bus number 441until Praia Grande. You can find more about the schedule, by following this link

Praia Grande

Since it is one of the biggest beaches in Lisbon, around it you can find a good number of restaurants and some places to sleep.  The most attractive is certainly the Arribas Hotel, which faces directly to the beach with a beautiful swimming pool, You can find more Information about the Hotel following this link:
As the beach faces directly onto the Atlantic Ocean, if you want to swim or surf in such beautiful waters, you need to be a reasonably advanced swimmer, as the waves are often high and can easily exceed 3-4 metres in height.
If you are undecided where to see a beautiful sunset, I suggest this beach. In summer, the sun sets in the ocean, and at low tide, the water creates beautiful reflections of light. In addition, the retreating water creates a short layer of sand, which allows you to walk from Praia Grande to Praia Pequena, this walk with the sunset is very worthwhile

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