Torre de Belem

Belem Tower

Belem Tower should be a must for all tourists who spend a few days in Lisbon. Located a few steps away from Lisbon, it is the perfect place to see one of the best sunsets in Lisbon.

There are three different ways to reach Belem Tower from the city center. The quickest way is by taking the train towards Cascais at Cais do Sodre. In three stops you will reach Belem.

From the station, you can reach the tower in a few steps.

The other two methods are to take the tram (number 15E) or the bus (number 728) from the city center. This method might be the most convenient for Lisbon public transport day ticket holders as it is included in the price.

after admiring the beauty of the tower surrounded by the Tagus River, you can go behind the tower near the Museo do Combatente where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset with the sun that disappears behind the oceans.

Historical Overview

Belem Tower officially is Tower of Saing Vincent located in Lisbon, was built in 1520 as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for Portuguese explorers and as ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. it is part of Unesco World Heritage Site. It is designed by the architect Francisco de Arruba. It was built to defent Lisbon. With his Manueline style it represent one of the most visited monument in Lisbon. Nowadays, it is temporarily closed for maintenance.

Sunset atmosphere

In case you came here to look for admire the sunset I would suggest you to go around the tower where there is a perfect spot where  to see the sun diseapering behind the ocean. I would suggest you to grab a beer and be equipped with a speaker to make the atmosphere unique. In case you don’t have a beer in some sunny days you can find a you can find a kiosk that makes pina coladas, drunk directly in the pineapple.


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